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      Immunity booster against viral, bacterial and fungal infections

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    How was Ecomer created?

    In early 1950, Dr. Astrid Brohult worked in the famous Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. Her patients were also young children suffering from leukemia – a disease in which the body cannot produce normal white blood cells (leukocytes).

    Dr. Brohult began to seek new ways to treat the disease. She decides to investigate what was the active ingredient in healthy bone marrow – the body that produces leukocytes. After several years studies, it became clear that an important group of active substances in the bone marrow are alkylglycerols. After further studies, she discovered that the oil from shark liver contains a high concentration of alkylglycerols. Then the oil from shark liver was studied and researched for decades, and there was developed a product that is produced today in Sweden (by the company Natumin Pharma). Its trade name is ECOMER.

    What is Ecomer?

    ECOMER is a nutritional supplement containing oil from shark liver. Alkylglycerols are the active ingredient in this product, which is used to boost immunity. In the human body they are found mostly in milk, bone marrow and liver

    Ecomer is used to boost immunity:

    • for prophylaxis during flu epidemics
    • for various viral, bacterial and fungal infections
    • to overcome stress and fatiguе
    • as a supplement to radiation therapy and chemotherapy in malignant diseases
    • in allergic and degenerative diseases
    • in herpes infections, viral hepatitis and warts
    • for faster healing of wounds

    Mode of action of alkylglycerols

    Alkylglycerols belong to the family of ether-lipids – chemical substances with pronounced biological activity. In mammals alkylglycerols are found in blood producing organs. In humans alkylglycerols are found in breast milk, bone marrow and liver. The highest concentration of alkylglycerols is in the liver oil of sharks. For comparison – breast milk contains ten times more alkylglycerols than cow’s milk.

    • Stimulate immune system
    • Adjust the production of white blood cells to their normal levels
    • Increase the activity of granulocytes and macrophages (primary immune response), as well as T-and B-lymphocytes (secondary immune response)
    • Accelerate the production of antibodies

    Why Еcomer is superior than the other products containing oil from shark liver?

    • ECOMER is a pure natural product without chemical supplements. It contains no cholesterol or preservatives!
    • It is not chemically treated, it is purified by physical means – molecular distillation. Thus, toxins, mercury and heavy metals are removed
    • In ECOMER, Vit.A and Vit.D are removed from the extracted oil to the absolure minimum in order not to interfere with the side intake of vitamins and to avoid hypervitaminosis of the body
    • Squalene content is less than 1%, because it is found that it increases cholesterol (primary cause of heart attack and stroke). ECOMER can be taken with other drugs, unlike immune boosters containing bioflavonoids or alcoholic extracts
    • ECOMER was elected Product of the Year in 1987 in Sweden!

    Application: 1-2 capsules 2-3 times daily. In children – 1 capsule daily.

    Ingredients of 1 capsule: 250 mg oil from shark liver (of which 20% alkylglycerols)

    Packaging: 60 capsules


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