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      Attack depigmenting serum

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    Indications: chloasma, freckles and other dark spots

    NEOTONE has 6 active ingredients. Three of them have keratolytic effect (glycolic, ascorbic acid and salicylic acid) that peel the previously accumulated melanin. The other three (diacetyl boldine, alpha-arbutin and licorice extract) suppress the formation of new melanin.

    80% of the subjects who tested the product observed a decrease in the number of spots and their intensity*.

    *Self-assessment realised on 20 subjects.

    Application: Apply NEOTONE® every night on the hyperpigmented areas or as directed by your dermatologist or healthcare professional. Can be used before your daily night care. Avoid any contact with eyes.

    NON COMEDOGENIC!   TESTED UNDER DERMATOLOGICAL CONTROL!    Hydroquinone and Kojic acid free!

    Ingredients: 6% glycolic acid, 4% diacetyl boldine, 2% ascorbic acid, 2% alpha- arbutin, 0,1% licorice extract, 0,1% salicylic acid.

    Packaging: 25 ml tube


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