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      Golden nanoparticles solution

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    Scaler Gold is manufactured by the same process as Scaler Silver (the size of the gold particles is 0,062 nm).

    More inhabitants of ancient Egypt and China believed that  who had more gold in his blood, he would have a longer life. Prior to 4000 in China used gold acupuncture needles. It is claimed that Cleopatra slept every night with a gold facemask to preserve her youth.

    Gold tends to slow aging, remove wrinkles and acne and makes the skin smooth.

    In modern medicine, the first documented use of gold is done by German microbiologist Robert Koch in 1890. He found that tuberculosis bacteria are killed in the presence of gold.


    Gold is used from centuries for:

     - Improving brain function, memory and intellect

    - Relieve joints pain

    - Reduction of alcohol (from 1885) and drug withdrawal

    - Reducing stress, feelings of fear and anxiety

    - Reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy

    - Treatment of  different types of anemia and to restore damaged nerves

    - Improve immunity (when combining it with silver)


    Recommended daily dose: adults – 2 times   1-2 tablespoons

    children – 1 teaspoon

    Packaging: 250 ml




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