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      Tool for removing ticks

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    Tick Bar is a safe tool for easy and proper removal of ticks, mites and other parasites on the skin of humans and animals. It is designed in accordance with the latest WHO recommendations. With the Tick Bar it is impossible to squeeze ticks or particles thereof to remain in the skin, thus significantly reducing the possibility of infection and local inflammation. This product is easy to use and is made of stainless steel, which allows it to be used for years! Ticks from humans and animals can be easily and safely removed. It is important to remove ticks as soon as possible! According to recent studies, the risk of infection disease increases after 24 hours of biting, and after 48 hours it is the greatest.

    Directions for use: Clean the area around the tick. Place the opened part of the Tick Bar on the skin. Slide the opened part of the Tick Bar under the tick. Carefully pull the tick from the skin. Disinfect the bite area and the Tick Bar!

    ATTENTION! Consult a doctor if redness around the bite area greater than 5 cm in diameter appears!


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